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Earth Power


You have the natural abilities of Earth Power! As an Earth kid, your special gift to the world is GENEROSITY. Ready to become a true super hero?

Purchase the #PowerUp Program

Purchase and practice these fun #PowerUp exercises and learn how to grow your Generosity power.

Practice your exercises in this order to make sure you grow like a tree – from the ground up!

  1. Growing Wood Power – Standing Like a Tree Kungfu
  2. Growing Water Power – X-Ray Hearing: Pause for Peace
  3. Growing Gold Power – X-Ray Thinking: Thought Bubbles
  4. Growing Fire Power – X-Ray Feeling: The Mood Meter

And as a special bonus do the engaging Growing Fire Power: X-Ray Tasting: Making Connections. With purchase of these videos a special e-book with detailed instructions, will be sent to your e-mail.