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Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset

Do you have a growth mindset? Watch this video to learn about the difference between fixed and growth mindset. Take the quiz below the video to test your skills.

Take the Growth Mindset Quiz

People who think practicing feels like fun only when it’s easy
People who think practicing feels like fun even when it’s hard
People who see failures as a temporary setback
People who allow failures to define who they are
People who stick with what they already know to keep their confidence up
People who get their confidence by trying new challenges in order to learn from them
People who practice even when they’re not in the mood because they learn from experience
People who think their success depends only on the talent they’re born with
People who hide their problems so they won't be judged or labeled as a failure
People who see their problems as a To-Do list of things to work on
People who believe friendships come from only believing the same things
People who believe friendships come from working through differences
People who think if they fail, all the effort was a waste of time
People who believe it’s not the outcomes that matter most, it’s the process