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Assessment Quiz

I love to be active and moving
I like to take risks, and look for challenge
I don’t like to wait for others to lead the way
I’m quick to express my opinions
I like change over routine
I take pride in being first, best
I hate losing and might cheat to win
I learn by doing instead of talking about it
I’m not afraid of danger
I like to do things fast
I will act boldly and decisively even before I have all the information
I adapt quickly to new situations
I tend to be impatient with others
I like to reach goals
I tend to blame others
I like to test rules
I tend to get tension headaches or neck spasms
I like to eat on the run
I tend to get tense and angry easily and shout when I’m stressed
I like to eat for energy (crave sweets and stimulants)
I get excited easily
I love to have fun and others think I’m funny
I tend to feel things intensely
I look for stimulation
I am naturally very intuitive
I’m easily influenced by what others say
I am passionate about things I like
I can’t control my body when I’m excited
I can use my charm to get what I want
I like to cheer others up, to inspire others
I love to get rewards
I look on the bright side in spite of what others may say
I recover quickly after being upset
I tend to be dramatic
I complain “I can’t do it” when I’m stressed
I tend to complain that I’m bored
I like to eat for fun (or when I’m bored)
I tend to get dramatic symptoms, (e.g. high fevers, loud coughs)
I get easily overwhelmed, oversensitive or panic when stressed
I tend to get hungry fast, and crave carbohydrates
I love just being in the company of other people
I like to get involved in other people's lives
I’m caring, kind-hearted and concerned for the welfare of others
I don’t like when people don't get along
I believe in the good intentions of others
I like to fit in but don’t want to be the center of attention
I like to make people feel welcome
I tend to be a loyal friend
I tend to be the peacemaker
I tend to go along with what others say
I like fitting in and being needed
I can imagine what others need
I will put others' needs before mine
I learn through relationships and stories
I can become indecisive, needy and worried when stressed
I don't like when anyone is left out
I can be shy or talk too much
I tend to gain weight easily
I crave carbohydrates and sweets when stressed
I tend to get stomachaches when I’m nervous
I prefer when things go according to plan
I’m good at noticing details and patterns
I prefer when everyone plays by the same rules
I have high standards
I am methodical, meticulous and discriminating
I tend to be very logical and precise
I don’t like change, and prefer consistency
I tend to be judgmental
I hold back from expressing my feelings
I enjoy taking things apart and putting them back together
I prefer to be reserved over excited
I try to create order and beauty
I try to make things perfect
I have strong likes and dislikes
I love to design with details
I tend to get stuck on what’s wrong instead of what’s right
I tend to get rigid and hyper-focused when stressed
I tend to get stuck in details when stressed
I tend to be a picky eater
I tend to get constipated, dry skin, eczema, or wheezing
I’m a seeker of knowledge and meaning
I’m a dreamer
I take time to react to situations and events
I don’t like to do things fast
I prefer to keep my feelings and opinions private
I prefer to figure things out for myself
I don’t like the spotlight
I prefer being alone to socializing too much
I take my time getting started
I’m suspicious of other people
I can get lost in my imagination
I lose track of time
I’m considered by others to be weird or eccentric
I can be stubborn and headstrong
I often fear the worst
People find me hard to read
I tend to get dull headaches
I tend to get vague pains (e.g. low back pain, joint pain)
I tend to withdraw and shut down and don't want to talk when I’m stressed
I tend to crave salty foods

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