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Oct 7, '20

The “Cosmic Snowman” IS the Roadmap!

In this episode of the Autism Parenting Secrets podcast, Dr. Stephen Cowan shares the wisdom of The Cosmic Snowman, a Roadmap for a greater connection for yourself and your child with autism.   He uses a model called the Cosmic Snowman which is the evolutionary design of our neurologic system. It links our mind and body’s functions and how it relates to

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Oct 1, '20

Your Child is Your Teacher

In this episode of the Autism Parenting Secrets Podcast, Dr. Stephen Cowan discusses the secret that your child with Autism is your teacher. Dr. Cowan talks about the importance of looking at the “how” as opposed to the “why” when supporting your child with Autism, as this allows you to focus on the unique gifts in

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Sep 9, '20

Restoring Joie de Vivre in a Fire child with Homeopathy

Summer is the season of surrender to the pulse of life. Think of the child on the swing urging his parent, “Higher, Higher, Higher!” Picture the barefoot couple gyrating to the beat of salsa as the waves crash on the sand.  Recall how kids of all ages scare themselves silly on the roller coaster. Life

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Aug 19, '20

Digital Balance: Reshape Tech Habits by Nurturing Your Child’s Strengths

For the very first time, the principles of digital wellness, emotional intelligence, and positive psychology are joining forces with the Tournesol Kids framework to address the technology use of tweens. Watch this workshop preview hosted by wellness expert and mom Krissy Shields, founder of Maha Mama, and psychotherapist and parenting coach Teodora Pavkovic.  Interested in

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Jun 10, '20

We’re thinking about… Tournesol Kids Summer Camp!

It’s time for Summer Camp! Our kids can’t go away to camp this year so we want to bring camp to you. We envision live online events that you and your kids can participate in for free. We’ll show you bite-sized, neuroplasticity-based exercises that you can do together to build resilience during these challenging times.

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Jun 3, '20

Reflections on Racial Tensions and Civil Unrest

by Belinda Levychin, Program & Marketing Director I sit here at my desk as a black woman, a mother of two young black men, unsure of where to begin.  As someone who has been working on the creation and development of Tournesol Kids from its inception, I turn to the tools that we have been

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May 27, '20

Have you learned your secret power yet?

Every child has a secret power. This video from our #PowerUp program reveals the five different types of powers and helps you identify your own secret power. Share with a kid in your life who wants to discover their secret power!

May 20, '20

Do you have Growth Mind Elements?

Last week we talked about Growth Mindset. But do you know what nourishment you need to grow a big heart and a big mind? Imagine your mind is like a plant. What do plants need to grow? You’ll find what plants need has a lot in common with the Five Powers!  Learn more about Growth Mind

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May 13, '20

Do you have a growth mindset?

Did you know that your brain is like a tree? It can grow! There is no limit. We start as a little seedling and have ever expanding capacity throughout life. Teaching kids from a Growth Mindset perspective invites them to explore the limitless possibilities of their lives. Growth mindset helps our kids succeed with purpose, passion, grace

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Apr 29, '20

Knowing & Not Knowing: A “Living Room Conversation” in the Time of COVID-19

In this time when we don’t know when or how we will return to school and work, we can embrace the state of not knowing as a chance for us to think outside the box and find creative solutions for new problems. Cast aside “how you’ve always done things” and play a little — kids

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