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Nov 13, '19

Transform Communities with #PowerUp

In 2020, T-Kids plans to donate the #PowerUp program to every classroom in five communities. Help us make this happen! HOW MANY:  25 schools750 classrooms1,000 teachers22,500 kids45,000 caregivers and parents100,000+ community members’ lives changed WHAT:    Every classroom receives:30 decks of #PowerUp game cards – one per each child5 brand new short, impactful teacher training videos2 teacher

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Nov 6, '19

Four Ways You Can Support Tournesol Kids

 Tournesol Kids is a 501c-3 non-profit organization that empowers children through online education, workshops and community outreach. Our programs teach holistic healthy child development strategies to kids, parents, educators and caregivers that identify and meet the individual physical and emotional needs of children. Here are four ways you can be a part of our mission.

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Oct 30, '19

What Children Gain from the Tournesol Kids Program

There is a growing body of research that demonstrates that training children in mind-body techniques promotes greater capacity to be in and maintain attention to present-moment experience with an attitude of openness, curiosity and self-compassion. This has short and long-term benefits in physical, emotional and cognitive wellbeing. What children will gain from the Tournesol Kids

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Oct 16, '19

Finding Water

Belinda Levychin, Program & Marketing Director As a Fire Power person, I ran from Water type behaviors when I was a child. Water folks seem to cause Fire folks to fizzle. Where Water types can be still and contemplative, it is sometimes hard for Fire types to allow their minds to settle down. After all,

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Oct 9, '19

Going For Gold

Belinda Levychin, Program & Marketing Director Details, details, details — sometimes the last thing a person with Fire Power wants to think about. After all, for folks with Fire Power, it’s about the excitement, the joy you get with the finished product, whether it’s a school project or even planning a fun activity. People who

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Oct 2, '19

Earth Power Keeps The Party Going!

Belinda Levychin, Program & Marketing Director I am a Fire Person who has always loved to create gatherings and celebrations. Having my loved ones around is a surefire way (pun intended) to make me feel all is right with the world. It’s no surprise that Earth Power is one of my helpers. It is not

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Sep 25, '19

When the Wood Power Takes Control

Belinda Levychin, Program & Marketing Director As a Fire Power, I always liked to say when working on a project with a deadline it is always helpful to have someone with Wood Power on your team. Their competitive need to win and get things done can be great, they, after all, love to keep it

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Sep 18, '19

Being a Fire Power Can Be Wonderful (Until It Isn’t)

Belinda Levychin, Program & Marketing Director I love being a Fire Power. It is not unusual for folks who just meet me to say I have so much energy and light. And in all honesty, I wake up most mornings ready for the day and grateful to be up to enjoy whatever the day brings.

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Sep 11, '19

Back-to-School Lessons From My Gold Child

Michele Zipper, T-Kids Coach Today, I thank my son for teaching me and helping me see clearly through the fog. You taught me a valuable lesson, for which I am so grateful. Back to school time is a crazy time for most people, getting the kids used to their new schedule, teacher, and friends. For

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Aug 14, '19

The Pursuit of Happy-ism

Carey Davidson, Executive Director “I want you to know that I’m starting my own religion.” My 15-year-old daughter triumphed. Something inside was weighing on her and this declaration released a measure of heaviness. It was hot and humid, mid-July. We were visiting her up at camp in the Poconos for Visiting Day with the requisite

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