In this episode of the Autism Parenting Secrets podcast, Dr. Stephen Cowan shares the wisdom of The Cosmic Snowman, a Roadmap for a greater connection for yourself and your child with autism.  

He uses a model called the Cosmic Snowman which is the evolutionary design of our neurologic system. It links our mind and body’s functions and how it relates to healing and true connection.

The base of the snowman is centered around the reptilian brain and its ability to sense but also function properly. This is where we must first focus our healing efforts if we want to grow, change, and learn. It’s imperative to have a solid foundation so that we can physically connect with the world around us.    

The middle circle is our limbic system or our puppy brain. This is where our excitement lives. It is where you will find passions, instincts, and emotions and it’s where you find things like inner and outer exploring.  

At the top of the snowman is the neocortex, our highest point of evolution. This is where our spiritual gifts live and where we celebrate a true sense of joy. The ultimate goal here being optimism and a sense of celebration even in times of challenge.   

Dr. Cowan explains the interconnectedness between each part of the snowman and the power of using this as a guide for true connection. We discuss the symptoms of children outgrowing their diagnosis and why behaviors that are typically seen as regressive may actually be a sign of genuine connection and progress. 

His model of understanding children with autism empowers parents to truly connect and create better relationships with themselves and their children.

Be sure to tune in to this transformational episode.  

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