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The Impact Parenting E-book is live!

Practical, personalized guidelines to create success for you AND your kids right now.

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The brand new e-book from Author and Tournesol Kids Executive Director, Carey Davidson is live! The Impact Parenting E-Book: The Five Archetypes Mindset for Resilient Parents is a time-tested, clear code to create and nurture a successful environment for your kids now — while everyone is at home — and beyond COVID-19.

In this e-book Carey will share: 

  • How to know the needs, stress states, coping mechanisms, thoughts, habits and button pushers for yourself and your kids
  • Practical, personalized advice for creating a soothing environment in which you and your kids can thrive at home
  • Exactly how each of the five types will trigger YOU and what to do about it so you remain resilient

Discover individualized plans to maximize your time with each of the Five Archetypes, including:
• Understanding their strengths, challenges and fears
• Relationship behavior
• Learning and studying type
• Triggers and button pushers
• How they show stress
• Needs for safety
• Coping mechanisms
• How to soothe your child
• Pleasing colors and calming shapes for their space
• Activities that build resilience
• The best daily structure
• Aromatherapy
• Yoga stretches
• How your child will trigger YOU

A portion of proceeds from the Impact Parenting e-book benefits Tournesol Kids.