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Mar 4, '19

What can you do about negative thoughts?

What do you do when negative thoughts take up space in your mind? It’s not always easy to let them go. They have an ability to bring us down and to bring out the qualities in ourselves we don’t love the most. At Tournesol Kids, we teach that negative thoughts don’t have to remain in

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Feb 25, '19

Do you have a growth mindset?

Growth Mindset thinking teaches kids that life is a series of explorations, of experiments and of opportunities to learn new skills. The old idea of Fixed Mindset thinking keeps kids believing that their potential in the world is limited. If you think you can’t, you can’t. Teach your kids the gift of having a Growth

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Feb 18, '19

Create connections through Earth Power

Stressed Gold-type kids are over-critical and easily annoyed. By doing Earth Power exercises like mindful eating, they can find empathy for others. Through Earth Power, you’ll grow the ability to create connections. Earth Heroes help other people get along. By nature, they are generous, kind, and caring. Learn how to connect to the world around

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Feb 11, '19

Be mindful of your thoughts through Gold Power

When Water kids are stressed, they can be apathetic and disconnected. Gold Power exercises can help them find their connective breath again. Through Gold Power, you’ll grow the ability to be mindful of your thoughts. Gold Heroes have the power to examine thoughts very carefully. Develop mindfulness of your thoughts through our #PowerUp course.

Feb 4, '19

Develop emotional intelligence through Fire Power

Stressed Earth kids can be worried and indecisive. Fire Power exercises help them feel playful and optimistic.  The secret power of fire that everyone can use to feel passion in their life is X-Ray Feeling. To grow X-Ray Feeling, you need to learn to identify others’ moods and be expressive about your own.  Learn how

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Jan 29, '19

Grow Wood Power through movement

Stressed Fire-type kids are over-excited and over-sensitive. By doing Wood Power exercises, they can channel their excess of energy into movement. Wood Power is about movement: looking – exploring – growing. Physical movement is one of our essential health needs. Just a few health benefits are naturally controlling weight, reducing inflammation, preventing heart disease, increasing

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Jan 14, '19

Do you know your child’s stress type?

How does your child respond to stress? Knowing your kid’s stress type is crucial to understanding how you can help them build resilience and become a superhero. Once you determine their stress type, you can make a strategic plan for building up their weaknesses through our #PowerUp exercises. Find your child’s stress type (and your

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Dec 17, '18

Help kids understand their emotions.

One in seven children aged 2 to 8 has a mental, behavioral or developmental disorder. Overcoming these obstacles requires resilience. We can help kids understand their emotions and deal with the challenges that face them. One of the activities in the Tournesol Kids Game called Mood Meter helps children develop their emotional vocabularies so they can better

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Dec 10, '18

Help your kids deal with anxiety

One in four kids today is anxious. We can help kids deal with their anxiety by accessing the peace that is always available to them when they pause. One of the activities in the Tournesol Kids Game called Pause for Peace gives children a way to reconnect with their inner peace.  

Dec 5, '18

How to Understand Your Child’s True Nature

This post originally appeared on the Tony Robbins blog. The rate of diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is skyrocketing – in fact, in the United States, more than 10 million school-age children are medicated to help them focus. Is this a real epidemic or a reflection of the pressures of society and our need

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