In honor of our Executive Director Carey Davidson’s new book The Five Archetypes (currently #2 in new releases for personal transformation and spirituality on Amazon!), we are highlighting the importance of knowing your OWN power as a parent. Carey helps us understand that by knowing and balancing our own secret powers, we can become the most super parents!

Feed your own Water needs as a parent so that you feel resilient in the face of day-to-day stress. Parenting is tough. When you understand and honor your own needs, you more nimbly and calmly respond to challenges.
Water Parent Exercises:  

  • Drinking – Water adults thrive when well hydrated.  Make sure you’re drinking enough water each day.  You may even want to add in some electrolytes as well.  
  • Sleeping – Sleep is very important to all of us, but is a core part of what keeps Water adults feeling resilient.  If you find yourself getting swept up in a good book or an exciting project at night instead of going to bed, try building in a bedtime routine that helps you remember to shut down at a reasonable time.
  • Listening – Build in time for quiet, calm listening and reflection.  Water types need this space for themselves to keep feeling secure and relaxed.  You can listen to gentle music, journal, or even take a nice slow walk outside.

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