In honor of our Executive Director Carey Davidson’s new book The Five Archetypes out TODAY, we are highlighting the importance of knowing your OWN power as a parent. Carey helps us understand that by knowing and balancing our own secret powers, we can become the most super parents!

Feed your own Gold needs as a parent so that you feel safe and secure and more resilient in the face of day-to-day stress. Parenting is tough and when you honor your own needs, you have an easier time responding to the ups and downs you face from a place of calm.
Gold Parent Exercises:  

  • Eating – Gold adults like structure when it comes to food. They like to eat the proper food, in the proper amounts, and at the proper time.  
  • Breathing – Stay in touch with breath. Schedule time for a few nice exhales at a couple times during the day. This practice helps regulate emotions and calm the nervous system.
  • Gratitude – Upon waking and going to sleep at night, think of three people for whom you are grateful. Think about what they contribute to your life and focus on them and their gifts for a few minutes.

We’re super excited for today’s launch of The Five Archetypes, a book about the five elements written by our Executive Director, Carey Davidson!

The book shares a self-guided system of personal transformation based in the five elements of traditional Chinese medicine and the Hero types we use here at Tournesol Kids.  Once you discover your primary elements, you’ll begin to see how they determine your thoughts, motivations, strengths and challenges for yourself. They reveal the reasons behind why you feel uncomfortable around some people in a room and completely at ease around others.

When you understand your elemental makeup and that of the people in your life, every relationship becomes clear. This realization can lead to increased happiness, reduced anxiety, being secure in who you are, feeling confident, loving and compassionate.

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