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Dec 17, '18

Help kids understand their emotions.

One in seven children aged 2 to 8 has a mental, behavioral or developmental disorder. Overcoming these obstacles requires resilience. We can help kids understand their emotions and deal with the challenges that face them. One of the activities in the Tournesol Kids Game called Mood Meter helps children develop their emotional vocabularies so they can better

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Dec 10, '18

Help your kids deal with anxiety

One in four kids today is anxious. We can help kids deal with their anxiety by accessing the peace that is always available to them when they pause. One of the activities in the Tournesol Kids Game called Pause for Peace gives children a way to reconnect with their inner peace.  

Dec 5, '18

How to Understand Your Child’s True Nature

This post originally appeared on the Tony Robbins blog. The rate of diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is skyrocketing – in fact, in the United States, more than 10 million school-age children are medicated to help them focus. Is this a real epidemic or a reflection of the pressures of society and our need

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Dec 3, '18

Our kids need to play.

Our children are experiencing a decline in play and an increase in mental health issues. As distractions and responsibilities increase, kids become further alienated from their bodies and their emotions. We can help kids reconnect with their feelings through play. One of the activities in the Tournesol Kids Game called Power Play guides children through the different possibilities

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Nov 16, '18

We can fight childhood obesity.

In the US, childhood obesity rates have quadrupled. Childhood obesity alone is estimated to cost an annual $14 billion in direct health expense in the US. We can help our kids develop mindful eating habits so they stay connected with their bodies. One of the activities in the Tournesol Kids Game is a Mindful Eating Meditation to

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Nov 8, '18

5 Ways To Empower Your Child In A Time Of Chaos And Alienation

This post originally appeared on Be Well. Much of my work as a holistic pediatrician these days is focused on empowering parents to grow healthy, resilient children in body, mind, and spirit. The basis of this empowerment lies in our ability to connect effectively to the world around us. When disconnected, all the physical and

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Oct 22, '18

Inhale calm, exhale stress

How do you find stillness when your life is anything but still? Adults and children can benefit from quieting the mind and letting the stream of constant thoughts rest for a while. In moments of conflict with other people or circumstances in your life, consider taking a breath, exhaling judgement about yourself and others and

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Oct 15, '18

How to manage your kid’s screen time

What’s your strategy for keeping kids engaged in the world, in conversation, in face-to-face relationships? Our Director of Health and Education, Dr. Stephen Cowan, has a prescription for balancing screen time with nature. For every minute you spend in front of a screen (phone, TV, computer, etc) spend a minute in nature. See if you

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Oct 8, '18

Practice mindful eating

Have you ever paused with your child before a meal or snack and contemplated the journey of the food from seed to your plate? What about the journey from plate to your cells? All these connections are important in helping children see how all things are connected in the world. Mindful eating is more than

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Oct 1, '18

Blow negative thoughts away like bubbles

What do you do when negative thoughts take up space in your mind? It’s not always easy to let them go. They have an ability to bring us down and to bring out the qualities in ourselves we don’t love the most. At Tournesol Kids, we teach that negative thoughts don’t have to remain in

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