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Mar 12, '20

Mobilize Without Fear: Self-Care in the Time of Coronavirus

from Dr. Stephen Cowan There’s something missing from the information the CDC is offering right now that is more critical to our personal health than all the statistics. During my many years of primary care practice whenever flu came through town, I would call those newly diagnosed every day to see how they were doing.

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Mar 11, '20

How Wood Children React in Stress

In honor of our Executive Director Carey Davidson’s new book The Five Archetypes coming April 7th, we are highlighting some points she shares regarding healthy child development over the next few weeks. Carey specifically focuses on pointers regarding learning style, sleeping needs, eating habits, physical needs and feelings for each type. This week we focus on the

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Mar 4, '20

Raising a Good Human

Alienation is the epidemic of our time. Our kids are over-scheduled with too much screen time and not enough time in nature, leading to high rates of inflammation and constipation. Though it seems more daunting than ever to raise a good human, you can use empathy to navigate the spirals of childhood. Hear Dr. Stephen

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Feb 26, '20

Homeopathy and the Five Elements

This is part four of a four-part series Jiuan Heng, PhD, CCH Water’s Right Hand Helper: GoldAndrea resonates most deeply with the Gold and Water phases. It is very revealing that she sees the Gold Hero as the true leader, while she has such deep insight into the energy of Water. We often admire those

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Feb 19, '20

A Little Touch Leaves Ripples All Over: the Holistic Pattern from the Five Element Perspective

This is part three of a four-part series Jiuan Heng, PhD, CCH The next time we meet, Andrea’s symptoms have all improved significantly and we talk about what lies ahead. Homeopathy helps to resolve stumbling blocks and liberates a child’s potential. True healing lies in enabling her to meet her challenges, not as if she

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Feb 12, '20

The Princess and The Pea

This is part two of a four-part series Jiuan Heng, PhD, CCH In the lunchroom, as her group of friends were chatting, Andrea said something to lighten the mood. A girl put her down, telling her she was “nothing, and should not have talked.” Andrea cried on the spot. “I slammed the chair and ran

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Feb 5, '20

Homeopathy Reveals The Key to the Whole Self

This is part one of a four-part series Jiuan Heng, PhD, CCH I met Andrea for the first time seven ago, when she “was just a kid” with separation anxiety. Three years ago she saw me again for extreme fatigue and headaches. Each time, a single dose of a homeopathic remedy would help put things

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Jan 29, '20

Holistic Treatment for Chronically Ill Children

In this podcast, Dr. Stephen Cowan shares wisdom from his three decades of experience in the optimal development of children through the five elements of Chinese Medicine that we use here at Tournesol Kids. Everything he practices is designed to help kids develop deeper relationships with themselves, each other, their parents, their teachers and the

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Jan 22, '20

Winter Reminds Us to Slow Down at Mealtime

This winter, use the inherent sense of stillness of the season as a reminder to slow down at mealtime. Since Water children are daydreamers and deep thinkers, they may have trouble noticing their bodies’ hunger signals. To get the most out of meals, Water children need to reconnect with the present moment. Help ease your Water child into the

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Jan 15, '20

Sleep is a Water Skill

Healthy sleep is essential for growing healthy little people into true heroes! Sleep is a Water skill that calms the frequent overwhelm felt by Earth Children. Kids with Earth’s natural powers may appreciate soft music, a candle and belly breathing to help calm and quiet the mind.  Water children themselves can get caught up in

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