Client’s drawing as a 6 year old. Note the subtle blue aura around the flower.

This is part one of a four-part series

Jiuan Heng, PhD, CCH

I met Andrea for the first time seven ago, when she “was just a kid” with separation anxiety. Three years ago she saw me again for extreme fatigue and headaches. Each time, a single dose of a homeopathic remedy would help put things right. “The difference is night and day ­— you wouldn’t believe it!” her parents would report within a few days of giving her a homeopathic remedy.

Now, Andrea is in 7th grade and has “issues” that she does not wish to discuss with her parents. Her school would call her mother from time to time to ask if there were problems at home. She has been crying at school and is distracted at home. Her parents wondered if there were problems at school. After months of struggling, Andrea agreed to see me again.

As soon as she sat down, Andrea rattled off her 5-year plan to get into a good college. She had enrolled in a special test prep class to secure a place in the elite high school that she has set her heart on. Then, she has to get extra credits in high school “to save money on college.” Devastating consequences lurked in the gulf between a 94 and 96 point average. She is “good but not stellar.”

“On a bad day, if someone says something, it triggers me. I cried for 45 minutes. After that, I tried to go to the next class. But I kept on crying. Not like hysterical crying, but I couldn’t stop crying.”

Whenever she cries, her head hurts and she cannot focus on anything for the next two hours. She would go home and tell her parents that nothing was wrong. A week or two later, something would trigger her again. “I was crying like crazy at lunch. I couldn’t even get up because my head was hurting that much.”

A homeopathic interview revolves around the implicit question, “Who are you?” We explore that by inviting the client to describe how she experiences things. She will eventually reveal the key to her whole self, where body, mind, spirit speak the same language — the holistic pattern of a particular substance in nature. In the space between what she tells and what she shows, the pattern will emerge, bit by bit.

About the author:
Jiuan Heng is a certified classical homeopath who incorporates the Tournesol Kids coaching method into her work with children and young adults. She sees clients at Tournesol Wellness, 26 E36 St, NY, NY 10016.