This winter, use the inherent sense of stillness of the season as a reminder to slow down at mealtime. Since Water children are daydreamers and deep thinkers, they may have trouble noticing their bodies’ hunger signals. To get the most out of meals, Water children need to reconnect with the present moment.

Help ease your Water child into the right headspace to eat with intention by establishing a mealtime routine. Eating at the same place and time each day can remind them to check in with their body about the nourishment they need. 

Choose one food a day to eat mindfully. Talk about where your food comes from, all the people engaged in helping it make its way to your plate, how it becomes incorporated into your body and the process of metabolism whereby our food generates energy. All these connections are important in helping Water children feel connected to the real world.

And of course, Water children (and everyone) can benefit from drinking plenty of water!

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