This is part four of a four-part series

Jiuan Heng, PhD, CCH

Water’s Right Hand Helper: Gold
Andrea resonates most deeply with the Gold and Water phases. It is very revealing that she sees the Gold Hero as the true leader, while she has such deep insight into the energy of Water. We often admire those who have qualities that we would like to embody. In Andrea’s case, Gold is her helper, her Knight in Shining Armor. When she feels stressed, she feels the need to control herself. It is how she compensates for her sensitivity and her dreaminess. Too much Gold can freeze a Water child, when she adheres to unrelenting standards and passes inflexible judgments. The super-refined, super dignified child can also have difficulty controlling her bladder. In Andrea’s case, the imbalance of Gold and Water manifests as headaches, overwhelming fatigue and/or apathy and stage fright — a form of freezing.

The homeopathic remedy Staphysagria enables her to feel more at home in her skin. It relaxes the impulse to set the bar too high, while judging herself too harshly. At the same time, she is able to incorporate the just-right amount of Gold power in her life spontaneously, with a schedule to balance work and relaxation/fantasy.

Water’s Left Hand Helper: Wood
For a Water child, Wood is another helper. Spring is the most challenging season for Andrea, when hay fever keeps her indoors. She needs a Wood outlet for the energy that she bottles up. I suggest that her parents find an after-school sport that she enjoys. A form of yoga that integrates breath (Gold) and movement (Wood) would also hit the spot.

Family Dynamics
Andrea’s parents are strong Wood (mother) and Gold (father) personalities. For a Water/Staphysagria child, these helpers are like the stakes that keep the delphinium flower standing up straight. Their well-intentioned support can sometimes overwhelm. Parenting is a delicate dance, weaving between too-much and too-little support. Each child calls for a different rhythm! As a thirteen year old embarks on another cycle of life, inspired by the existential question “Who am I?” parents are invited, yet again, to reconfigure their family dynamics.

Eventually, Andrea will grow even more with the (challenging) support of Earth Power — the gift of harmonizing with others through conversation, through eating, cooking and working together. Ultimately, when Andrea can bring her own serious, gentle nature to harmonize with Fire personalities and situations, she will become a true Water hero. The endeavor to become fully human(e) is a work in progress. Tournesol Kids get a head start with baby steps that add up.

About the author:
Jiuan Heng is a certified classical homeopath who incorporates the Tournesol Kids coaching method into her work with children and young adults. She sees clients at Tournesol Wellness, 26 E 36 St, NY, NY 10016.