In honor of our Executive Director Carey Davidson’s new book The Five Archetypes coming April 7th, we are highlighting some points she shares regarding healthy child development over the next few weeks. Carey specifically focuses on pointers regarding learning style, sleeping needs, eating habits, physical needs and feelings for each type. This week we focus on the Wood child and how they deal when not at their best!
Feelings: When Wood kids are not at their best, they tend to jump quickly into anger. It’s important to help your Wood kids learn about gradations of anger and to pay attention to the subtle clues and changes in their feeling sin response to internal and external circumstances. This way your Wood kids will earn to have more control over their reactions to disappointment.

We can’t wait for our founder Carey Davidson’s book The Five Archetypes, coming April 7! Discover the personality archetypes within you and improve your life and relationships with a new self-guided system of personal transformation. The book reflects the five elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Hero types we use here at Tournesol Kids. In The Five Archetypes, Davidson explains that by knowing the personality traits associated with each type and using what she calls the Five Archetypes method, you can actually start to predict your behavioral patterns—not only with yourself but also with your friends, your romantic partner, your children, and even your colleagues.

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