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Sep 3, '18

Build Empathy Through Earth Power

Earth Power brings a sense of unity and caring to the world. Earth kids crave connection with others and thrive when they are able to support their friends. Through Earth Power, you’ll grow the ability to create connections. Earth Heroes help other people get along. By nature, they are generous, kind, and caring. In our

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Aug 27, '18

Grow Insight Through Water Power

Water power brings a sense of peace and imagination to the world. Through the power of listening, we can learn how to stretch our minds to see hidden connections between things that bring deep meaning to our life. Through water power, you’ll grow the ability listen to the messages beneath all the noise and bustle

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Aug 20, '18

Grow Grit Through Wood Power

Wood power brings a sense of freedom and adventure to the world. Through the power of movement, we can learn how to see the future and meet challenges with grit and courage. For the Wood Hero, sustainable freedom means being able to heroically persevere through any challenge, because you’re working for the sake of others.

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Aug 13, '18

Grow Intuition Through Fire Power

Fire Power inspires others with its passionate optimism. For the Fire Hero, sustainable joy means being able to inspire others to express their feelings freely and grow their powers along with you. The secret power of fire that everyone can use to feel passion in their life is X-Ray Feeling. To grow X-Ray Feeling, you

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Aug 6, '18

Our #PowerUp videos now start at $3.99!

Learn how to grow each power with our unbundled #PowerUp kits! Head over to our store to purchase courses on growing Wood, Fire, Earth, Gold, or Water for just $3.99 each. You’ll see Dr. Stephen Cowan’s activities for growing grit, intuition, empathy, gratitude, and insight. Build a custom course based on your kid’s growth needs!

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Jul 23, '18

Get Your Gold Kids Moving

The child with Gold’s natural power sees grace and beauty in the world. The Gold Child appreciates detail, structure and consistency. Under stress, the Gold Child obsesses about details and is calmed by breathing exercises and structure in the daily routine. In moments of insecurity or stress your Gold Child may become rigid in her

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Jul 16, '18

Grow Earth Power by enjoying summertime produce

With all the delicious foods in season, summertime is a great time to explore Earth Power! Earth Power is about eating and learning to connect with others. To build this skill in your kids, encourage exploratory conversations at mealtime. Have you ever paused with your child before a meal or snack and contemplated the journey

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Jul 9, '18

Find Stillness Through Water Power

Water Activities like belly breathing, listening to calming music, and getting enough sleep can help children of all types when they are feeling stressed. These practices help provide clarity and insight into life’s sometimes challenging circumstances. Kids with the natural powers of water have the gift of stillness with an ability to listen to the

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Jul 2, '18

Head Outside For Wood Power

Exercise and play are important for any child, especially Wood children whose super power is GRIT! So head outside and enjoy the summer weather with your child. Wood Power connotes movement, growth and freedom. The Wood child loves to move and build and achieve. He or she may be the captain of the baseball or

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Jun 25, '18

Explore Fire Power This Summer

It’s now officially summertime, which is a great time to explore Fire Power. We exercise Fire Power by relaxing, having fun, and playing. The Fire Child is humorous and inspires others through her passionate optimism. We can always count on the innate power of the Fire Child to encourage a retreated Water Child to re-enter

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