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Jan 8, '20

Explore Water Power in the Peace of Winter

Happy New Year! It’s wintertime here in New York City, and regardless of what your primary Hero power is, it’s likely that you retreat a little this time of year. That inherit sense of quiet and peace makes winter the perfect time to explore Water Power. Water power brings a sense of peace and imagination

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Dec 11, '19

Three weeks left to meet our fundraising goal!

We know you have big hopes for the children in your life. Here at Tournesol Kids, we dream of being able to offer our program for free to the children who need it most: those in undeserved communities who can benefit greatly by developing tools for resilience. We plan to reach these children by expanding widely

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Dec 3, '19

Empower Children for Resilience this #GivingTuesday

Here at Tournesol Kids, we dream of expanding widely into schools and delivering our program to underserved communities for free. To that end, we’ve found a school in Brooklyn that wants to be our pilot school. The principal was trained in our program a couple years ago and is firmly behind bringing T-Kids to his teachers

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Nov 27, '19

Teaching Gratitude

Teaching gratitude and graciousness are pillars of wellbeing for healthy child development and cornerstones of the Tournesol Kids curriculum.  Gratitude doesn’t mean you have to say Grace at the table, but you should take a moment to take a breath and say thank you for your food. Expressing gratitude at mealtime reconnects us to our

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Nov 20, '19

Envision a Transformed World with Us

What would it look like if everyone in a community was able to play to their strengths and help each other with their blindspots? Would growth be exponential? Would the environment change? What kind of adults would those kids grow up to be? What kind of society would they make?  This transformed world is the vision

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Nov 13, '19

Transform Communities with #PowerUp

In 2020, T-Kids plans to donate the #PowerUp program to every classroom in five communities. Help us make this happen! HOW MANY:  25 schools750 classrooms1,000 teachers22,500 kids45,000 caregivers and parents100,000+ community members’ lives changed WHAT:    Every classroom receives:30 decks of #PowerUp game cards – one per each child5 brand new short, impactful teacher training videos2 teacher

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Nov 6, '19

Four Ways You Can Support Tournesol Kids

 Tournesol Kids is a 501c-3 non-profit organization that empowers children through online education, workshops and community outreach. Our programs teach holistic healthy child development strategies to kids, parents, educators and caregivers that identify and meet the individual physical and emotional needs of children. Here are four ways you can be a part of our mission.

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Oct 30, '19

What Children Gain from the Tournesol Kids Program

There is a growing body of research that demonstrates that training children in mind-body techniques promotes greater capacity to be in and maintain attention to present-moment experience with an attitude of openness, curiosity and self-compassion. This has short and long-term benefits in physical, emotional and cognitive wellbeing. What children will gain from the Tournesol Kids

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Oct 16, '19

Finding Water

Belinda Levychin, Program & Marketing Director As a Fire Power person, I ran from Water type behaviors when I was a child. Water folks seem to cause Fire folks to fizzle. Where Water types can be still and contemplative, it is sometimes hard for Fire types to allow their minds to settle down. After all,

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Oct 9, '19

Going For Gold

Belinda Levychin, Program & Marketing Director Details, details, details — sometimes the last thing a person with Fire Power wants to think about. After all, for folks with Fire Power, it’s about the excitement, the joy you get with the finished product, whether it’s a school project or even planning a fun activity. People who

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