Belinda Levychin, Program & Marketing Director

As a Fire Power person, I ran from Water type behaviors when I was a child. Water folks seem to cause Fire folks to fizzle. Where Water types can be still and contemplative, it is sometimes hard for Fire types to allow their minds to settle down. After all, where is the fun in that? For people who are inherently Water Power, their hero-helpers are Gold and Wood, allowing for precision and grace and moving and planning ahead. The powers that generally challenge them are Fire and Earth Power, which is where optimism, conversation and empathy live.

I continue to learn about the methodology that is the bedrock of Tournesol Kids and use it for my own journey through the five powers. I marvel at how much Water Power exercises have become a large part of my world. As I have stated in past blogs, yoga has become a daily practice. I have found that starting out the day grounded in stillness, finding my breath and doing asanas that benefit my physical well being is essential for me to have a well-balanced day. The crazy irony of what is a natural challenge to Fire Folks like me is what helps us the most. And that — surprise! — instead of my fear that my light will be put out, it actually helps me shine all the brighter.

But for kids who are Water Power, the challenge is how to ignite their Fire. Kids who are naturally contemplative can have a tough time finding their inner joy. When stressed, kids with Water Power can easily feel disconnected and overly cautious and even apathetic. One of the exercises that The Tournesol Kids Game offers is Power Play, which gives an example how to play no matter what your power is. And, through play, kids can also work on being part of their communities and also work on elevating their Earth Powers as well. Check out all Water Power exercises in The Tournesol Kids Game.

Water Power is affiliated with winter. The time of year when many of us, regardless of what power we are innately, retreat.  After the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, I know that I’m ready for some serious down time – which is where the power of water becomes necessary. So, here’s to all of us finding time to dream and to believe that as we all find balance we can begin to see the true harmony hiding out underneath all of the ills that seem to plague the world at large, with the kids leading the way.