In 2020, T-Kids plans to donate the #PowerUp program to every classroom in five communities. Help us make this happen!

25 schools
750 classrooms
1,000 teachers
22,500 kids
45,000 caregivers and parents
100,000+ community members’ lives changed

Every classroom receives:
30 decks of #PowerUp game cards – one per each child
5 brand new short, impactful teacher training videos
2 teacher training manuals

Between now and December 2020

Training children in mind-body techniques promotes greater capacity to be in and maintain attention to present-moment experience with an attitude of openness, curiosity and self-compassion. The Tournesol Kids #PowerUp program is designed to be easily integrated into the busy school day without burdening teachers with extra work.

Anywhere in the USA — you can even sponsor your own school!

Donate to help make this a reality!

$8,500 – sponsor one classroom
$80,000 – sponsors 10 classrooms
$160,000 – sponsor 25 classrooms
$250,000 – sponsor a community

This is YOUR chance to make a seismic shift in the future success of our children and our communities.  

Show us that you care. Donate and make a difference.