What would it look like if everyone in a community was able to play to their strengths and help each other with their blindspots? Would growth be exponential? Would the environment change? What kind of adults would those kids grow up to be? What kind of society would they make? 

This transformed world is the vision we’re striving for with bringing Tournesol Kids Program to schools. 

In response to our email last week, 27 schools reached out requesting the T-Kids program! Donate now to help us transform the lives of these kids and their communities.

If we don’t raise enough before the end of the year, we won’t be able to bring the T-Kids Program to schools that want to improve children’s lives.

$8,500 – sponsor one classroom
$80,000 – sponsors 10 classrooms
$160,000 – sponsor 25 classrooms
$250,000 – sponsor a community

This is YOUR chance to make a seismic shift in the future success of our children and our communities.  

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