We know you have big hopes for the children in your life. Here at Tournesol Kids, we dream of being able to offer our program for free to the children who need it most: those in undeserved communities who can benefit greatly by developing tools for resilience.

We plan to reach these children by expanding widely into schools. To that end, we’ve found a school in Brooklyn that wants to be our pilot school. To make the most out of this effort, we need to gather pre- and post-program data from the students and teachers and work with a researcher to prove that our program delivers the impact that we promise.

This initial program is just the beginning. Data from our pilot program will help us attract the bigger grant funding we will meet in order to meet our ultimate goal of empowering 1 million kids.

We have only until the end of the year to meet our fundraising goal of $50k to launch our pilot program. This will include:

  • Intensive training for teachers and administrators
  • 6 months of ongoing teacher support
  • Decks of cards for every child and teacher
  • Data collection and reporting on the efficacy of the program
  • Online and text book support materials for parents, teachers and administrators

Help us empower underserved children by making a donation today.