The Impact Parenting e-book is here!

The brand new e-book from Author and Tournesol Kids Executive Director, Carey Davidson.

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Get it here first! A Five Elements parent’s guide to optimize your home for success during COVID and beyond.  Juggling work, homeschooling, relationships and self-care? The Impact Parenting e-book delivers practical, customized techniques to navigate the busy household with ease, precision and success.Discover individualized plans to maximize your time with each of the Five Archetypes, including:
• Understanding their strengths, challenges and fears
• Relationship behavior
• Learning and studying type
• Triggers and button pushers
• How they show stress
• Needs for safety
• Coping mechanisms
• How to soothe your child
• Pleasing colors and calming shapes for their space
• Activities that build resilience
• The best daily structure
• Aromatherapy
• Yoga stretches
• How your child will trigger YOU

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