In this episode of the Autism Parenting Secrets Podcast, Dr. Stephen Cowan discusses the secret that your child with Autism is your teacher.

Dr. Cowan talks about the importance of looking at the “how” as opposed to the “why” when supporting your child with Autism, as this allows you to focus on the unique gifts in your child. This is a cornerstone of keeping a growth mindset. On the other hand, a fixed mindset tends to isolate symptoms or takes the symptoms out of context rather than looking at them within a holistic framework.

The goal here is to shift your perspective so that the parent takes on the role of student, allowing them to discover their child’s gifts. A doctor can only offer clinical insights, but a parent taking the time to become a student of their child offers a clearer understanding of individual needs and a broader picture.

This kind of student and teacher relationship empowers your child to reveal further information that will help you meet their needs and harness their gifts. It becomes an equally beneficial opportunity for the parent and child to thrive.

The real warrior parents are the ones who recognize and acknowledge that they’re the experts on their own child because they allow their child to teach them.

Listen to the episode here