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Congratulations! You are one step closer to becoming a superhero!

Here are the results of your assessment:

Wood Power: %
Fire Power: %
Earth Power: %
Gold Power: % 
Water Power: %

Explore Your Power

Now that you’ve discovered your secret power, learn the unique skills that will help you thrive in the face of life’s challenges.

Locate the element you scored highest in from our list of quick tips below to see tools for returning to balance more quickly when stress and anxiety arise.

Grow Your Power

TKids Quick Tips

•    FIRE:  
Challenges – Panic, anxiety, burnout, fluctuations in energy and mood
Remedy – Regular breathwork practice

•    EARTH:
Challenges – Always playing the peacemaker, trying too hard to please others
Remedy – Drink plenty of water, get good sleep, and find stillness through meditation

•    GOLD:
Challenges – Strong sense of right and wrong, too self-critical
Remedy – Observe silly mistakes and even go out of your way to make them sometimes

•    WATER:
Challenges – Fear of making the wrong decision, isolating yourself when you feel stressed
Remedy – Practice mindful eating by thinking about the journey the food made to your plate and spend time connecting with people through conversation

•    WOOD:
Challenges – Anger may come easily when you don’t have the freedom to move forward with your agenda
Remedy – Make sure to get regular exercise and create a ritual around your bedtime routine

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