Belinda Levychin, Program & Marketing Director

I am a Fire Person who has always loved to create gatherings and celebrations. Having my loved ones around is a surefire way (pun intended) to make me feel all is right with the world. It’s no surprise that Earth Power is one of my helpers. It is not unusual for me to create a party in a pinch whether there is something to celebrate or just because I have a need to share my joy. In fact, there was a dark time in my life where one could argue there was too much partying, no real down time, always hosting. My home had become a virtual bed and breakfast. And while my Fire enjoyed it, almost yearned for it, it became clear something had to give, and my helper Earth Power was in fact causing an imbalance.

For people who are innately Earth Power, their core essence is to bring unity and harmony to the world. And right about now we can all agree that we could use more harmony on our planet. But for people who have the power to make it seem as if they can create a whole world around the people they love, how do they find balance? What challenges people with Earth Power is both Water and Wood. When stressed they begin to think “alone is bad” and at times they may begin to overthink things which makes it hard to make decisions. They need to find activities that encourage movement, but at the same time they need to find ways to quiet their minds and find the stillness that Water Power so lovingly offers.

If you have a child that is Earth Power, it can be easy to assume that they are okay. What parent doesn’t enjoy it when they have a social child, or one who loves to be part of meal preparations for big celebrations. The questions that may need to be asked, however, are: Is your child moving enough? Are they really listening? Do they always travel in groups? Can they be comfortable alone?

So, find exercises for your Earth Power child that helps build their challengers Water and Wood. One of my favorite Wood exercises is Standing Like a Tree; just thinking about it makes me feel grounded! It allows for better concentration, lower blood pressure and supports balance. Check out all the exercises in the Tournesol Kids Game.

Earth Power folks are often the ones that make people feel at home and part of a community. The trick is not to be so into the group that your child overlooks themselves.