Belinda Levychin, Program & Marketing Director

Details, details, details — sometimes the last thing a person with Fire Power wants to think about. After all, for folks with Fire Power, it’s about the excitement, the joy you get with the finished product, whether it’s a school project or even planning a fun activity. People who have Gold Power are often about the details, the structure, even the beauty of things. The hero-helpers that feed Gold Power are Earth and Water Powers, allowing people who have Gold Power to be empathetic and patient. Their hero-challengers are Fire and Wood, which means for a Fire Power like myself there is some built in struggle to find my inner Gold Power!

This can sometimes transform me into a person who is racing through a project to get to the part that really makes me feel joy. But what I have come to understand is that when I take my time and work hard on the details, I’m far happier with my end result. But, truthfully, that is easier said than done. Throughout my life I notice that I some of my best friends have been Gold-Powered folks, great way to bring balance, right?!

Gold-Powered kids are usually the ones who need a right or wrong answer. Having things be open-ended can sometimes cause anxiety for these kids because they are wired to seek perfection. This is a perfect opportunity for the kids to tap into their own inner Fire or Wood Powers. Tournesol Kids, the Game offers an exercise called Laughing Meditation a cool way to find your inner Fire Power and stop taking your Gold self so seriously.

Most of us enjoy the works of those people who are driven by their Gold Power: beautiful buildings, brilliant engineering marvels, and — let’s be honest here — to have things done well, the first time. But at the end of the day, it’s about how all our powers work together to bring balance, beauty and perfection to our universe.

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