Krissy Shields, TKids Coach

We all know about the benefits of probiotics by now. You can buy them over the counter and they are to help build a healthy gut bacteria. Since your gut is your second brain and directly linked with our emotional wellbeing it is important to create health in our digestive tract, especially for our kids.

A healthy gut builds microbiome to aid in digestion and build immunity with the help of pre and probiotics. Changes in the gut microbiome from chronic inflammation, stress, antibiotics, high carbohydrate diet, high sugar intake, or high toxic load from food and environment has been shown to negatively impact the brain. It not only helps us adults but can build a shield for our kids and their overall health. Especially the picky eaters!

Many of you know that you can get these probiotics over the counter but did you know that the best way to add this healthy bacteria in your gut is with food? Especially when the sicknesses are a plenty, a great way to build back your gut is with fermented foods.

A fermented food, like sauerkraut, is excellent for building microbiome. Simply take whatever organic vegetables you love, place them in a mason jar submerged with natural spring water (ideally, for the minerals it provides) and 2 tbs of sea salt for about a week. You will start to see bubbles and then your should burp or simply open it to let air out (in your sink). Leave there there for a few more days and stick it in your fridge.

One of my favorite recipes is carrots with ginger and garlic for all the healing properties. My rather picky eater will ONLY eat carrots and these are great for her. Plus she LOVES them!

Have fun. Enjoy the bounty of the seasons. Join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) which links communities with local organic farmers for the bounty of the seasons. In climates that have longer winters they usually start around April to Nov which is why fermentation is so beneficial. You can get nutrient packed vegetables that haven’t had to travel to get to you! So go to town with the excess. Be creative. Keep your family healthy.

Krissy Shields, founder of Maha Mama at