#PowerUp is the first program of its kind that incorporates the new science of Growth Mindset with principles of Mindfulness and Compassion to provide parents, educators and kids a science-based, time tested interactive online program that helps kids thrive in the face of challenge.

The program takes you through the process of learning your child’s individual nature through which he or she interacts with the world. This nature helps determine how your child manifests feelings of success and experiences stress and anxiety. Watching the instructional videos with your children and practicing the exercises daily will help your child reduce stress, increase focus and awareness and will foster a stronger bond between you and your child that will support more enjoyable and less challenging parenting.

Expect to see transformations in self-awareness, focus, empathy and resilience within the first two months of daily practice.

#PowerUp is ideal for students in the 1st through 6th grades. However, younger and older children can also benefit from what is offered in this introductory program.

Parents and educators will also discover how their own nature impacts their relationship with a particular child. This brings a deeper understanding of how to empower successful emotional and cognitive intelligence.

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